January 19, 2011

Maestro alto sax player, singer/songwriter, and later actor, Louis Jordan started playing clarinet at the age of thirteen. Arguably, he was one of the first composers to invent the "Jump Blues" sound and segue R&B music into Rock & Roll.

'Cho Cho Ch'Boogie' was one of his biggest hits, selling over a million copies in 1946.
Quite amazing in fact, this record was just one of 56 top ten hits he sold from 1942 to 1951.

Considering the 45 rpm record format didn't exist until 1949, all of Louis Jordan & the Tympany Fives' recordings initially were pressed on 78 rpm records only.
So originally on a Decca label 78 rpm, this same 1946 recording of "Cho Cho Ch'Boogie" was repressed years later on 45 rpm.

Most all of Louis Jordan's records tell a story. Listening to Louis Jordan always makes me happy. I really love all his early recordings. So many to choose from...This, more or less, is a "classic."

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