November 19, 2010

group soul ~ 1967

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Northern soul fans are familiar with 'I'll Be Loving You', a popular side by the late 60s soul group, 'Soul Brothers Six.'
Until recently, I had not flipped it over to listen to the other side in quite a long time. The flip side of their same Atlantic 45 is a mid tempo, drum heavy, group soul driver that is definitely worth a second listen...

The Armstrong brothers formed in Rochester, New York and started recording around 1965. They were eventually signed to Atlantic Records in 1967 recording as the 'Soul Brothers Six'. Released as a 45 the same year, 'Some Kind Of Wonderful' charted in the top 100 that year.

Seven years later, hard rock group 'Grand Funk Railroad' who in the early 1970s were one of hard rock's most successful bands, covered the 'Soul Brothers Six' hit.
The fact that they named themselves 'Grand Funk' I've always felt was a bit of a stretch for hardcore soul fans, but their cover of 'Some Kind Of Wonderful' hit the top five in 1974.

Both versions of the song are excellent.

hard rock group ~ 1974

Grand Funk (Railroad) some kind of wonderful.mp3 - DivShare