February 12, 2016

punk/pop ~ Belgium 1977

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First released in Belgium in 1977, I remember first hearing 'Ça Plane Pour Moi' on KQAK 99 FM in San Francisco sometime in the early 80s. The station played a lot of New Wave/Post-Punk at the time. Always liked the song, but never figured out who the artist was.
So I was real happy to come across this 45.

Besides being a killer power-pop/punk tune that stills holds up after almost 38 years, it's an interesting story. It sold over a million copies worldwide, reaching the top 10 in Europe, the top 100 in U.S., but is still relatively obscure to many.

The story starts with Belgian singer/guitarist writer/producer, Lou Deprijck, who had been in a number of bands starting back in 1968 with the Belgium band, 'Liberty 6' followed by 'Kleptomania', 'Two Man Sound', and finally, 'Lou & The Hollywood Bananas' in 1978.

Apparently Lou Deprijck had most of his success with these groups in Europe with varying degrees.

Interesting to note that for close to 30 years, Plastic Bertrand's lead vocalist was credited to and thought to be, Roger Jouret...
Roger Jouret had played drums in the Belgium band, 'Hubble Bubble' around 1974. But according to Lou Deprijck, was a terrible singer.
Roger is pictured on all Plastic Bertrand record sleeves and lip-synched in all their videos.

This was the beginning of the problem. Vogue records, for image reasons wanted Roger to be the perceived lead singer especially after the record took off in sales with Roger's image on it. Perhaps they didn't want fans of the song to feel they had been had...not sure(?)
When in fact it was Lou Deprijck who actually sung, co-wrote, produced, and recorded 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' first before recruiting and teaming up with Roger Jouret, the "perceived" front man...Lou agreed initially as long as he got paid.
In fact, Lou was the lead vocal on all Plastic Bertrand's recordings.

The real original singer, Lou Deprijck.

In 2006 Lou re-recorded a new version of ' Ça Plane Pour Moi'.
The AMC record label who then owned the rights took him to court claiming he didn't have the rights to the song. Ironic for sure. Lou countered the claim. The truth then came out.
In 2010, after careful listening, a Belgium court decided it was in fact, sung by Lou Deprijck who co-wrote and produced the original song!

Translated this song is absurd nonsense...

'Ca Plane Pour Moi...
It Glides For Me
That's Life For Me

This Works For Me
Everything Goes Well For Me
I Am The King Of The Divan!'

Roger Jouret & Lou Deprijck around 1978

February 11, 2016

rock / grunge ~ Los Angeles 1992

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7 " lime green press 1992 - UK press only.
This is the B-side flip to ' Everglade '


Rock & Roll / Heavy Metal ~ 1995

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LP cover art / painting by Joe Petagno

Remembering Motörhead ...
45 rpm ? Not this time, but a rippin' LP track, and another cautionary tale I "rediscovered" from their 1995 recording - 'Sacrifice'. Recorded in Los Angeles, this record is getting harder to find in any format now.

" In my life so far, I have discovered that there are really only two kinds of people: those who are for you, and those who are against you. Learn to recognize them, for they are often and easily mistaken for each other. "
~ Lemmy Kilmister

February 5, 2016

R&B instrumental ~ 1965

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Sonny Forriest (Sonny Forrest) 1934 - 1999
Born in North Carolina, Sonny played guitar with the Coasters in the early 60s, as well as doing a lot of studio work with others, including Ray Charles.