April 28, 2017

rocksteady reggae ~ Jamaica 1967

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Depends on what one is searching for, but I find it difficult to find good 45s in record stores these days. Though don't always take the time to look, my persistence does pay off once in awhile.
Nice to find this second pressing Errol Dunkley 45. Originally pressed in '67, released first on the Jamaican amalgamated label without the dub-toast intro.
Errol was just 16 when it was recorded.

The young Errol somewhere between 1965-68.

April 26, 2017

tropical pop ~ lovers rock reggae 2014

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"Tropical pop," a touch of dub, meshed with a classic 70s/80s lovers rock reggae sound, I can never get enough of Hollie Cook's music. Her musical charms can really carry one away into a pleasant hypnotic state.
Mystical perhaps, the pairing of Hollie Cook with producer/songwriter-dub/arranger extraordinaire, Mike 'Prince Fatty' Pelanconi is really a perfect match. Prince Fatty has really helped to define and contribute in creating Hollie's sound.
Also really like the fact that Hollie is keeping with the tradition of still pressing vinyl 45s of her music.
This is the b-side flip to 'Looking For Real Love.' Both songs are on her LP, 'Twice,' also worth checking out.
Vinyl, CDs, downloads...


April 22, 2017

jazz / funk instrumental ~ Chicago 1968

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Jazz / R&B organ-pianist, Floyd Morris ... 1926 - 1988

Always been a sucker for jazz-funk instrumentals. Cool to find this. Pleasantly surprised to dig around and find how accomplished Floyd Morris' career was. The Johnny Pate Quintet (mid-50s), Al Grey, Oscar Brown Jr, Bobby Hutcherson, Donald Byrd, Junior Parker, Little Milton, Andre Williams, Curtis Mayfield, The Staple Singers, Barbara Lewis, Sam Cooke, The Chi-Lites... Just a few artists Floyd Morris played/recorded or composed with. Floyd recorded/released about ten 45s, also an LP from 1965. 'Mellow Mood' was written by Floyd, Andre Williams, and Leo Hutton. This is the "B" side flip to 'Bee Que.'