December 30, 2015

Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister
Dec 24 - 1945 ~ Dec 28 - 2015

Young Lemmy

I've been a bit surprised to be thinking so much about Lemmy, his life, and his music the last few days. In fact, it's a bit weird to mourn any artist or musician for very long.
Around 1979, the first time I heard Motörhead; like many, I was truly blown away by the speed and fury, such a new and unique sound, not to mention a trio, and that voice. Lemmy attacked the bass guitar like a concert violinist would play a jack hammer...He grabbed life by the balls. He was smart, well-read, had a great sense of humor, liked to party, and got all the dirty fun women. All this really came out in the music.
People either got it or didn't.
Lemmy used to call Motörhead, "Rock N' Roll," which is really most accurate.
To call Motörhead, a "Metal" band always seemed a bit of a misnomer, just part of the picture, really.
Motörhead really had SOUL in the purest (and fastest) Rock N' Roll " Chuck Berry " tradition.
This really can't be said for a lot of "Metal" bands that play in this genre.

Very few artists truly inspire me, but Lemmy was special.
For more than 40 years, Lemmy was Motörhead, a sonic force of beauty. If we could all live our lives the way Lemmy did...We'd all be dead!

December 26, 2015

hard funk dancer ~ 1972

Music Hosting - Listen Audio - Bobby Byrd - Sayin' It And D...

One could argue that Bobby Byrd invented funk.
I've always viewed Bobby Byrd and James Brown as one and the same. They needed each other. Their collaborations created so many amazing sounds.

It's been written and documented that Bobby actually "discovered" the young James Brown in 1952, while playing baseball, on a juvenile prison field in Georgia. James was serving time there for stealing clothes.

In 1970, James Brown collaborated and started the Brownstone record label with Florida producer, and future 70s soul disco pioneer, Henry Stone. Stone would later run TK records. From 1970 to 1977, the Brownstone record label released about eleven 45s.

A side that needs to be played with volume through speakers. But this will have to do.
Sayin' it and doin' it are two different things...True enough.
Funk perfection.

northern soul dancer ~ 1968

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Recorded in Hollywood, California 1968.

Detroit super soul singer, Marvin' Tyrone 'Jones (1942-1982) aka Jack Montgomery recorded and released only four 45s in his lifetime.
Existing from 1962 to 1970, the Los Angeles based Revue record label recorded and pressed about sixty 45s, mostly soul, soul-funk, soul-funk-jazz.

December 17, 2015

lovers rock / reggae ~ Jamaica 1975

Play Music - Play Audio - John Holt ~ For The Love Of ...

John Holt 1947 - 2014
This just sounds especially good this morning.
John Holt's beautiful, " Lovers rock " reggae cover of the Isley Brother's soul classic.
I decided to mix and post two different 45 sides of the same tune here by him. Both from 1975.
The vocal side (Impact! label) leads into a "dub/instrumental" version side (Clintones label).