April 28, 2016

roots reggae ~ 1972

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This 45 was first pressed in 1972 on the Jamaican 'Splash' Label.
Many reggae cover songs don't often credit the original songwriters on record labels. I see this a lot on reggae 45s. This 1974 Clocktower press label 45 is the same recording.
Neil Young never sounded so good.

April 27, 2016

rock ~ Los Angeles 1996

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Hope Sandoval & David Roback

This is one of those songs one might feel ends too soon. Compared to many of Mazzy Star's numerous songs, I've always loved this 45. It has a bit more of a straightforward acoustic folk sound than some of their other tunes.
Singer/songwriter/guitarist David Roback's early Los Angeles based bands, The Rain Parade and Opal, both had similar ethereal, droning, psychedelic, melancholy sounds as Mazzy Star, but his writing skills, production, and arrangements finally crystallized with the exit of former Opal bassist and singer Kendra Smith in 1987. The consequent addition of singer/songwriter Hope Sandoval in 1989 really created Mazzy Star's distinct sound.
Though released as a single, 'I've Been Let Down' never charted.
This song is included on their 1996 LP, 'Among My Swan'.