December 30, 2009

rare Philly crossover/northern group soul 1969

Ethics I Want My Baby Back.mp3 - DivShare

RnB ~ jazz vocal 1956

Big Maybelle Candy.mp3 - DivShare

Memphis deep soul 1966

Mable John your good thing is about to end.mp3 - DivShare

smooth crossover/modern soul 1973

Lou Courtney What Do You Want Me To Do.mp3 - DivShare

December 8, 2009

truckin' thru the 70s...all vinyl 45s playlist

truckin' thru the 70s...40:54 min .mp3 - DivShare

Soft-Rock Van ~ truckin' thru the 70s

Sammy Johns ~ Chevy Van...1973

Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds ~ Fallin' In Love...1975

David Dundas ~ Jeans On...1976

Ace ~ How Long...1974

Climax Blues Band ~ Couldn't Get It Right...1976

Jerry Corbetta & Sugarloaf ~ Don't Call Us, We'll Call You...1974

Jimmy Buffett ~ Why Don't We Get Drunk...1973

Olivia Newton-John ~ Let Me Be There...1973

The Amazing Rhythm Aces ~ Third Rate Romance...1975

Pure Prairie League ~ Amie...1972

Bellamy Brothers ~ Let Your Love Flow...1975

Linda Ronstadt ~ It Doesn't Matter Anymore...1974

Bob Seger ~ Mainstreet...1976

December 2, 2009

New York northern soul 1964

Chuck Jackson hand it over.mp3 - DivShare

rare northern soul ballad 1964

Sammy Davis Jr not for me.mp3 - DivShare

rare New York funk instr. 1968

Juggy oily.mp3 - DivShare

rare Pittsburgh deep soul 1968

The Moving Parts on the verge of tragedy.mp3 - DivShare

early Muscle Shoals country soul/RnB

arthur alexander shot of rhythm and blues 1962.mp3 - DivShare

rare northern soul 1967

Patti Drew stop and listen.mp3 - DivShare

November 25, 2009

rare modern soul 1973

Keni Lewis ain't gonna make it easy.mp3 - DivShare

rare Los Angeles sweet soul

Rosie Lopez I'll Never Grow Tired.mp3 - DivShare

rare Memphis soul ballad 1973

Carolyn Hurley if you had known me then.mp3 - DivShare

deep soul Los Angeles 1966

Earl Gaines the best of luck to you.mp3 - DivShare

rare San Francisco northern soul 1966

Troy Dodds try my love.mp3 - DivShare

November 4, 2009

rare Detroit teen ~ popcorn

Grant Higgins Always Searching.mp3 - DivShare

rare Florida soul

John Standberry Jr. thru life step by ste.mp3 - DivShare

rare New York girl group ballad 1968

Chiffons up on the bridge.mp3 - DivShare

rare Bay Area group sweet soul

Ballads dizzy world.mp3 - DivShare

rare deep soul Los Angeles

Little Richard directly from my heart.mp3 - DivShare