March 31, 2016

roots reggae ~ Jamaica 1973

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left: Val Douglas, top: Robbie Lyn, right/far right: Mikey Richards, Geoffrey Chung, bottom: Mikey Chung

Instrumental version of the 1970 Kris Kristofferson classic. Lloyd Charmers version/vocal. Mikey Chung on lead guitar.

March 26, 2016

deep soul ~ Chicago 1968

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Don't know who she is. I've dug around over the years trying to come up with any information on this Bamboo label 45. Though, Sylvia Thomas probably was/is from Chicago. Fairly certain this was her only 45 or record released.
Contrary to the St Louis label address, this was a Chicago based soul label which existed from 1968 to 1971.
'So Will I' was the first 45 in a series of about 20 released on the label. The Bamboo record label probably started in St Louis, moved to Chicago, or pressed and distributed initially out of St Louis...Just don't know. The label was owned by 60s R&B-Soul singer Gene Chandler. The flip side is 'At Last'.

March 18, 2016

roots reggae ~ 1970

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Found this a couple of years ago in a "rock-pop" long box at Amoeba Records here in San Francisco. A misfiled mistake? Don't know.
John Holt did some great covers.
This is a US press of the same Studio One recording from 1970.
Great Neil Diamond cover.

March 5, 2016

lounge / bossa nova - cha-cha-chá ~ Italy 1965

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Can't find much info on this 45. Though, I found another Andrea Tosi 45 released on the same label, Junior, out of Milan, Italy. Both produced by "Lord". The flip side of this is - 'La Girandola'.

Wish Beppe wouldn't have written on her back! Guess I can't blame him.
Roughly translated: " Sister Cristina, once me if you can " - Beppe

Below: Second Andrea Tosi Junior label 45.
And two other mid-60s, "Quintetto Andrea Tosi" E.P.s, one pressed in Portugal, and another pressed in Italy.