October 5, 2016

R&B / jazz ~ New York 1962

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Not to be confused with blues singer, Bobo Jenkins, or middleweight boxing champ, Carl 'Bobo' Olson, this obscure 45 tells a short story of the man known only as Bobo, a "most famous unknown"...
An accomplished musician and rumored silent music mogul, Bobo was at the top of mid 50s "bohemian cool". He mixed with the social elite as well as the working classes, and yet his true identity is still unknown today, as it was then, to the many musicians and music lovers who mingled with him at the time.

Around 1947-49, before his rise and bit out of date, Purported to be one of the few early photos of Bobo as a young man.
Al 'Dr. Horse' Pittman sums up Bobo perfectly with his Fire label 45 from 1962.

October 1, 2016

soul / jazz vocal ~ Los Angeles 1965

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The single from Marvin's only LP on Palomar c.1965
The flip side is, 'Rainy Day In L.A.'

Jazz composer/pianist Marvin Jenkins started recording in the early 60s, releasing a few of his own LPs, while also playing and contributing on others' jazz recordings.
The Los Angeles Palomar record label released about fifteen other records, but only existed from 1963 to '65.
Marvin also had one another 45 on the Palomar label, 'I've Got The Blues (What Should I Do)'.

soul vocal ~ 1971

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Lou Allen Rawls 1933 - 2006

If there's any one artist or singer one could call "Cool", Lou Rawls was it.
Lou was really a jazz singer with crossover appeal, but he really had a lot of soul. A top 20 hit in 1971, this MGM label 45 is still around and easy to find.
Don't like all his recordings, but he hits it perfectly here.