December 27, 2017

group soul ~ Chicago 1967

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Chicago group soul beauty - early Chi-Lites with Eugene Record singing lead. Marshall Thompson and Creadel Jones singing backup.

R&B organ instrumental ~ Chicago 1962

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R&B soul organist - Johnny 'Big Moose' Walker
June - 1927 ~ Nov - 1999

Feels like this soul jam ends too soon. Often they do ... Earl Hooker on guitar.

soul / blues hammond instrumental ~ NYC 1965

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The flip side: 'Bump De Bump.'
Both songs are on his 1965 Sue LP, 'Blues For Mister Jimmy'

Soul / R&B ~ Little Rock, Arkansas 1965

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Mid-tempo northern soul style dancer.
Ned Towns is apparently alive and well living, playing the blues somewhere in Las Vegas.
flip side: 'I Like Company Too'

November 13, 2017

tropical pop / lovers rock reggae ~ UK 2014

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The queen of new lovers rock reggae - West London born & tropical pop artist, Hollie Cook.

A member of the most recent incarnation of the punk band, the Slits, Hollie is the daughter of legendary Sex Pistols drummer, Paul Cook. Music runs in the family. Hollie Cook's mother sang backup with Boy George & Culture Club.
If you're interested in tropical pop, rocksteady, or a lovers rock reggae sound, Hollie Cook has three fantastic LPs out ~ all produced by Prince Fatty.

Vinyl, CDs, downloads...

October 22, 2017

West Coast Rock ~ San Francisco 1969

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Steve Miller, always with two feet in the blues especially through the 70s. In 1970 shortly after this was recorded, Steve Miller moved from San Francisco to Stinson Beach, California - about a twenty minute drive north of San Francisco. Recorded late 1969 at Wally Heider studios, San Francisco. The a-side is 'Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around'.
Both songs never charted. Both on Steve Miller Band's fourth LP, 'Your Saving Grace'.

Steve Miller practicing - Stinson Beach, California 1970. photo by Olaf Klijn

August 17, 2017

west coast surf instrumental ~ 1962

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Classic surf instrumental b-side from the band's second single.
The Sentinals were from San Luis Obispo on California's Central Coast. This ERA label 45, was reissued in 2009 on the Sundazed label with the original a-side.
The a-side flip is: 'Tor-Chula'

August 13, 2017

R&B / surf instrumental ~ Detroit 1960

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R&B instrumental group, Nick and the Soundbarriers were from Detroit, Michigan. They recorded just three 45s, including this New York Tee Pee label 45. Not always a fan of 50s/early 60s saxophone-heavy, dance instrumentals, but 'Rainbow' has a speedy, early surf, R&B dance sound that moves in the right direction.
Their first recording/45, 'Big Nick' is on the Detroit-Northwest Sound Company label, also recorded in 1960. The third, 'Freeway Hot Rod,' pressed on the NY-Fleetwood label...Other than that, can't find much more information on this band.
This is the b-side flip to: 'Spinning Wheel Twist.'

August 3, 2017

hardcore / punk rock ~ UK 2016

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Though their lineup and sound has changed over some forty years, Discharge still has a speed-sonic, truthful grind. No nostalgia here. Still hardcore. Still punk rock. Still calling out the fascist bastards who continue to shit on the world.
Though haven't followed them closely over the years, really like this recent Nuclear Blast label 45.
Mid-80s punk and metal were already mixing. Good/bad, I suspect if you asked any real punk in the late 70s or 80s how they felt about "d-beat," or metal, one might get a stare, a finger, or a possible punch. Genres of music get defined and categorized with time.
Though never considered myself a punk. Always liked Discharge. One and only time I saw them here in late-80s San Francisco, the crowd of mostly what seemed like, bike messengers(?) didn't receive them well at all. Some punk purists might disagree, always liked their "metal" leanings especially as of late. Still a hardcore thrash-fuck-you wall of sound, Discharge is alive and well in 2017.

UK's Discharge - late 70s
- Timely sounds for timely times ...
The flip side is: 'Ain't No Feeble Bastard' (live).
'New World Order' is also on their new LP/CD,
'End Of Days.'
(not downloadable-support the band!)


July 9, 2017

funk / soul ~ South Chicago 1969

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Henry Lee "Shot" Williams
May 1938 ~ November 2010

The b-side of this Shama 45 is 'Our Thing Is Through.'
Recorded/pressed first on 45 by Harmonica George (also of Chicago) in 1968, on the Toddlin' Town label. Harmonica George's version is blues.