October 16, 2014

funk- soul ~ Chicago 1969

mod singers and mod lads - let's have some fun! mp3

"Groovin' In The Morning, Groovin' At Night, Right On! Right On! Let's Have Some Fun!"

Funky soul-pop for kids?
Can't find the singers' names on this 45.
It's quite possible they were/are siblings, and are the Jones family from Chicago (?). It's also possible soul-funk singers, Frankie Newsome and or Jodi Gales may, or may not have, been involved with this recording. Just don't know for sure.

Music by The Joneses with the Mod Singers, a couple of other Savern label 45s.

Songwriter, Zono Sago (real name, Allan Williams) was an arranger, producer, drummer, and singer. Zono wrote and produced many soul sides for different artists and labels, including some sides for the Savern label.

August 2, 2014

girl group ~ New York 1968

Reparata and the Delrons ~ Captain Of Your Ship.mp3

The challenge with collecting 45 rpm records is usually the condition. Many of these got played one too many times, thrown around at parties, or played in jukeboxes over and over. I've found this 45 a couple of times, but it always sounds beat up...Pressed on styrene instead of vinyl (vinyl sounds better-to my ears anyhow ) this copy sounds OK, but not perfect.

Always loved this song. Love the production, arrangement and songwriting especially.

Is she really on a ship, with her "captain" giving her advice over the ship speakers, or is " her ship " her own body, her own self?
Or maybe it's just her conscience telling her the truth about her decisions while she travels and floats along on the ship...

It's beautiful, moody, and happy all at the same time.

May 17, 2014

January 9, 2014

R&B group vocal ~ South Africa 1956

Manhattan Brothers and Miriam Makeba ~ Lovely Lies.mp3

The first South African group to have a record chart in the U.S. Billboard top 100, 'Lovely Lies' reached #45 in the U.S. in 1956.
R&B/Jazz/vocal group, The Manhattan Brothers were formed in Johannesburg, South Africa around 1946. They added vocalist Miriam Makeba
sometime in the early 50s.

January 8, 2014

R&B group vocal ~ New York 1953

Blenders ~ Don't Fuck Around With Love .mp3

In March 1953, R&B vocal group the Blenders, recorded two versions of the same song with producer Joe Davis. 'Don't Play Around With Love' was The Blenders only release on the Jay-Dee label with an earlier recording, 'You'll Never Smile Again' as the B-side. But not until the early 1970's did the other, raunchier, '53 alternative version, 'Don't Fuck Around With Love' get released.
Here is the alternative late issue of the rare 1953 recording...some great advice and a song that still holds true.