May 28, 2016

northern soul / pop vocal ~ 1968

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Timi Yuro ... August 1940 ~ March 2004

Chicago born singer songwriter, Rosemarie 'Timothy' Yuro recorded and released over two dozen 45s, most through the 60s. Recorded in London, this song was released originally only in the UK, as a B-side on the Liberty label. This United Artists 45 reissue is the same 1968 recording pressed sometime in the 2000s.
Many of Timi Yuro's recorded sides reflect more of a straightforward pop vocal sound, to my ears anyhow. But vocally, Timi Yuro really had a lot of range. 'It'll Never Be Over For Me' also appears on her 1968 LP, 'Something Bad On My Mind'. Side and song, a 45 with a beautiful performance and production of blue-eyed soul and one of her finer moments.

UK 1st press Liberty label 1969

Timi in '69

May 22, 2016

pop vocal ~ 1965

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From 1962 through the early 80s, singer-songwriter Bobby Goldsboro recorded and released over sixty 45 rpm records.
Starting out in the early 60s as a guitarist in Roy Orbison's band, he also hosted his own TV variety show in the early 70s.
Known for his sweet and often sentimental pop tunes, he also has had many soulful, well-crafted pop songs, many crossing over into a more northern soul sound.