December 17, 2009

rare Chicago soul/RnB

Cleo Randle big city lights.mp3 - DivShare


  1. one of my favorite sides... good stuff

  2. This is great - thank you!
    Do you know anything about Ms. Randle?

  3. Anonymous, yeah, love this record-thnks for the chkin-in....
    Holly, well not much. I guess that's why I'm so intrigued by her, esp. this 45. She's a bit of a mystery. Hard to find much about her. She did sing gospel in the church (most certain in Chicago) where she was "discovered" and invited to record at Chess/Checker records in Chicago. She only has one other recording, a gospel record/45 titled, 'Life In Heaven Is Free' from 1967. I may post it. Judging by the other gospel 45s/artists Chess/Checker pressed around the same time, I'm certain she was singing and living in Chicago. I'm also guessing 'Big City Lights" got played on Soul/RnB stations in Chicago, most certain on WVON 1450 AM.
    In 1966 she appeared twice on 'The Beat!!!' a Texas TV show, hosted by a guy named Hoss Allen. She did lip-synch, but still cool to check out on the youTube(also on DVD 'The Beat!! tv show). If you like this 45, you may want to check out two other singers: Mable John and/or Mitty Collier. Both great and very similar in style. ~Thomas


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