February 9, 2012

This is one of those records that really needs to be heard on vinyl - loud. The mp3 doesn't give it much, but you get the idea.
If you like this sound, this 45 is worth having for both sides and is fairly easy to find.
The a-side, 'I Can't Make It Anymore' (written by Gordon Lightfoot ?!) has always been a northern soul side favorite.

But flip it over and it becomes a new favorite of mine.

I love the "big sound" arrangement on this (co-arranged by Dennis Coffey).
It has a bit more punch and grit.
Has that "uptown soul" sound a lot of 60s recordings tried to achieve, but fell short with. Many with overproduced or arranged sounds that haven't always aged well.
But Dwight 'Spyder' Turner's singing really pulls the whole production together.
And can he sing ?!


  1. Great writeup, Thomas!

  2. thanks Holly. I like rediscovering flip sides/songs/records I've forgotten about. I should write and post more - I'm just too lazy most of the time.


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