December 26, 2015

One could argue that Bobby Byrd invented funk.
I've always viewed Bobby Byrd and James Brown as one and the same. They needed each other. Their collaborations created so many amazing sounds.

It's been written and documented that Bobby actually "discovered" the young James Brown in 1952, while playing baseball, on a juvenile prison field in Georgia. James was serving time there for stealing clothes.

In 1970, James Brown collaborated and started the Brownstone record label with Florida producer, and future 70s soul disco pioneer, Henry Stone. Stone would later run TK records. From 1970 to 1977, the Brownstone record label released about eleven 45s.

A side that needs to be played with volume through speakers. But this will have to do.
Sayin' it and doin' it are two different things...True enough.
Funk perfection.

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