January 14, 2016

Rolando Alphonso 1931 ~ 1998

Compared to much music that was popular in Europe and the US during the time, I'm always amazed by the unique sounds that came out of Jamaica in the late 1950s.

Rolando Alphonso really put his own signature style of sax playing on much of the Ska and Rocksteady music that would develop later on. One can hear Mento, American Jazz, and R&B influences, but still a musical sound that was very new and all its' own for the time.

This 1958-59 recording with Clue J and the Blues Blasters, originally was pressed in Jamaica on the 'Worldisc' record label in 1959.
Though the same recording, this 'Studio One' label press is probably the second or third mid-60s press out of Jamaica.
An instrumental shuffler, 'Proof Rum' is early Ska at it's finest.

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