July 24, 2016

yé-yé pop ~ 1966 France

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I've always liked a lot of ye-ye pop filles especially doing cover songs. Je ne parle pas français. But one doesn't have to know French to enjoy ye-ye pop, or chanteuse chanson.
French born actress/singer, Marie Laforêt recorded and released about twenty 45s/EPs in France, starting in the early 60s through the 70s.
Though looking at the writers credits on the label, M. Jagger - K. Richards - M. Jourdan, I was surprised at seeing M. Jourdan, a third writer?
After a few listens, 'Marie Douceur - Marie Colere' just sounds like a dark, folky, psychedelic cover of the Rolling Stones classic. Upon further listening, I waited for the "Noir", as in "paint it..." but it never comes.
It is not 'Peint Le En Noir'. The lyrics are completely different. It is a song called, 'Soft Mary, Angry Mary'. Michel Jourdan, the third writer, wrote completely different lyrics to the same chords/melody as the original Jagger/Richards tune.

Just as haunting as the original. Never assume you know anyone completely...

'Soft Mary that is how you nicknamed me
Of course, you think you know me better than anyone else
Angry Mary also exists, so pay good attention
I've already said it to you a hundred thousand times in every key

Soft Mary has a lot, a lot of patience
Yes but one day you will see when joining the dance
Angry Mary with lightning in her eyes
I know which one will be more afraid of the two us

Soft Mary is much too gentle with you
If you insist on looking at the other girls
Angry Mary will no longer accept it
And she will jump on you with all claws unsheathed

Soft Mary loves to sing ballads
But do not rely on it too much, good advice, take care
Angry Mary adores loud voices
Now, choose between me and the other girls

Soft Mary that is how you nicknamed me
Of course, you think you know me better than anyone else
Angry Mary is now there, right in front of you
Soft Mary is already nothing more than a memory'

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