August 3, 2017

hardcore / punk rock ~ UK 2016

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Though their lineup and sound has changed over some forty years, Discharge still has a speed-sonic, truthful grind. No nostalgia here. Still hardcore. Still punk rock. Still calling out the fascist bastards who continue to shit on the world.
Though haven't followed them closely over the years, really like this recent Nuclear Blast label 45.
Mid-80s punk and metal were already mixing. Good/bad, I suspect if you asked any real punk in the late 70s or 80s how they felt about "d-beat," or metal, one might get a stare, a finger, or a possible punch. Genres of music get defined and categorized with time.
Though never considered myself a punk. Always liked Discharge. One and only time I saw them here in late-80s San Francisco, the crowd of mostly what seemed like, bike messengers(?) didn't receive them well at all. Some punk purists might disagree, always liked their "metal" leanings especially as of late. Still a hardcore thrash-fuck-you wall of sound, Discharge is alive and well in 2017.

UK's Discharge - late 70s
- Timely sounds for timely times ...
The flip side is: 'Ain't No Feeble Bastard' (live).
'New World Order' is also on their new LP/CD,
'End Of Days.'
(not downloadable-support the band!)


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