May 19, 2017

funk instrumental ~ Las Vegas 1972

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Louis Prima (1910 – 1978), trumpeter/singer, jump blues/swing bandleader, features his guitarist Ronnie James on this a-side.
Ronnie James was Louis' guitarist for two years in the early 70s. Owned by Louis, the Prima-Magnagroove record label existed out of Las Vegas from about 1962 to '72.
Great funk with a bit of cheese, backed by some fantastic drumming by Jimmy Vincent, 'Two Face' may be just that, a bit annoying perhaps in its' wah-wah goodness, but also a perfect display in exercising a funky freakout overindulgence.
The b-side is 'Oh Happy Day.'

This track is from the same 1972 recording sessions which produced the LP, 'Louis Prima with Sam Butera & the Witnesses - The Prima Generation '72.'

* note: this is not heavy metal vocalist/guitarist, Ronnie James Dio.

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