November 4, 2009

rare Detroit teen ~ popcorn

Grant Higgins Always Searching.mp3 - DivShare


  1. I understand your real love is for the vinyl, but if you are interested in the full collection of G.Higgins recordings, scratches, pops, crackles and all, let me know. His music and career was quite interesting.

  2. Hi, thank you. Well yes, I'm a record person, but the music is most important really.
    I love this record. Well written, beautifully arranged, produced, and great singing! I don't have his Karen label - 'Shame Shame' 45. Just have never came across it. So sure, I'm interested.
    But there is surface wear and groove wear - very different... I don't mind a bit of ambience or light surface sound, but fuzz and distortion can be annoying. I throw out a lot of records I find with "groove wear"


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